The Journey

Year One In Review

Hello beautiful crafters!  It has been a long while since I last wrote a blog post & I have missed it.  I have 4 drafts sitting here that I never finished.  Here’s the thing, I can be really long winded (I’m sure you noticed), a bit of a perfectionist and an over-analyzing spaz and occasionally delve into too much detail.  I hate reading blog posts that leave me with more questions than when I started and make an effort to not do that to you!  As such, life, business, work, family got really, really busy for me from September through the end of the year and I just was not prepared to manage it all-even with all of the help I received.

The good news is that I have a clear picture of what to do better going forward, what I need to STOP doing immediately, what I need to START doing immediately, and a deeper commitment and motivation to do whatever is necessary to grow this into the long-term plans that I have.

Looking back on my first year in business, I have to say that I am really proud of how far it has come.  I have learned how to make a lot of new handmade products, refined my skills and gained confidence & expertise on things I already knew, been able to purchase some pretty AMAZING crafting tools (a.k.a. toys), met so many amazing people from all walks of life who also love to create,  and become part of some pretty inspiring groups that will really help me take this to the next level.

Some thoughts to share with anyone that may be pursuing a passion in working for themselves:

  • Set clear measurable goals-I really lacked in doing this last year and spent the year “seeing how it goes”.  I could have accomplished things a lot more efficiently had I taken time to set clear & measurable goals.
  • Set rewards for reaching goals-What good does it do to work toward a goal if there is no reward at the end of it?  You want a new handbag, what goal do you need to reach to be able to buy it?
  • Set budgets and stick to them-My real downfall, is not having and following a budget that I stick to.  I bought a lot of stuff I really didn’t need and regret wasting money on those purchases.  Plan ahead, set the budget, and stick to it.
  • Be open and teachable-I say this because I know that I can become set in my ways and think I know the best way to do or handle something .  The reality is, this past year has humbled me in showing me my limits and that I can’t possibly accomplish everything, by myself, all of the time.  I’m choosing to get out of my own way going forward.
  • Plan, plan, plan & eliminate procrastination-I can’t stress to myself enough the importance of planning.  Too many times I found myself scrambling at the last minute due to lack of planning and procrastination.

I cannot thank you all enough for being here and for supporting me as this grows.  I appreciate your patience and your confidence in what I do and again, for supporting what I do by liking & commenting on my posts, coming out to classes, sending me requests for custom made items, buying from my Facebook yardsale group posts and my website.  You are who makes this possible!  I can’t wait to craft with you!





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