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The Faux Weathered Wood Tutorial


A few days ago I posted a photo of the Vintage His/Her Skull Pair in progress when I had just finished the background and was so excited that I was able to achieve this look on new wood using Fairy Chalk Mother’s single-step paint.  These items are currently available as a craft night workshop during the month of September.  You can find details on available dates & sign-up by going here.


As you may know from my previous posts, I LOVE this paint.  It is so versatile and I am finding so many ways to use it and learning new techniques all of the time.  I now offer a bring your own small project refinish workshop on a monthly basis.  So if you are interested in trying it out and having some hands-on training on using it, please go here.  Your refinish project can be a small dresser, end table, nightstand, dining chair, candlesticks, lamps, an old trunk, hope chest-really anything you have around that you would love to refresh!

I did make a video tutorial for this-however-my video tutorial game is NOT on point.  I am not super comfortable behind the camera-clearly.  It’s okay if you’re laughing at me because I totally did too watching it back.  LOL.  My camera woman is 11 and my camera equipment consists of my iPhone 6s.  So-video quality isn’t awesome at this point and time.  But I have intentions to get better at it.  *wink*

If that doesn’t have you clicking right on that video to watch,  I don’t know what will.  Below are the deets written out.  Unfortunately I don’t have picture documentation of each step because the video was in progress-but I will grab pics the next time I make these and update this post.

You will need:

  • 2-inch chip brush-these are very inexpensive (under a couple bucks) brushes found at Home Depot or other stores.
  • Fairy Chalk Mother’s paint in Gunmetal and in Linen
  • Paper towels
  • The wood you want to “weather”

The most important thing to note is that you want to DRY brush the paint on.  As in the chip brush is mostly dry.  Start by dipping the brush in the lid of the paint or if your paint is somewhat used, I dip my brush on the inside wall of the container (I do not recommend this method if you use your FCM in a sprayer-dump some out onto a paper plate or something) and then wipe it on the paper towel.  You can always go back and easily add more layers of paint if it is too light or too dark for your liking.  Removing “too” much paint isn’t easy-and is usually easier to just try to work with it.  Although I don’t show this in the video, you can wipe the paint with a dry paper towel while it is still wet if you get too much in one spot.

Starting with the Gunmetal, dry brush this on to the wood going with the grain of the wood-rather than across it.  It’s good to have darker and lighter areas of this because you will have more variation in your finished project.  Start painting in the spaces where you want darker and then work your way out from that as you will have less and less paint on your brush.  Repeat this process until you have the base as dark as you want but still natural wood color  showing through.  Allow this to dry about 15 minutes & wash your brush out-unless you are going to use a new one for the Linen.  Fairy Chalk Mother’s dries to the touch very quickly (one of my favorite things) especially if you work in light layers like you should.

With the Gunmetal layer dry, repeat this process using the Linen until you get the weathered look you want.  I would allow the entire thing to dry overnight or at least for several hours before adding anything to it.  I bought the above designs from my Silhouette Studio Design Store and cut them out in vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  Then used the negative as a stencil.  I will post a more descriptive blog post about completing this project after all of the workshops in September are completed.  Unfinished kits for this project are available for purchase on my website now and include the cut wood, vinyl stencil & detailed instructions to finish.  Click here to order.  The Fairy Chalk Mother’s paint is not included in that kit but may be purchased separately.  The frame is done in Fairy Chalk Mother’s Best Black.

Thank you and if you have further questions or comments, please leave them below.




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