The Fluffy Burlap Wreath Tutorial

As promised, here is the fluffy burlap wreath tutorial to recreate your own burlap wreath!

Products you will need:

  • 18″ 4-wire wreath frame (smaller or larger is also fine. This size frame will leave a bigIMG_3508 opening in the center so if you are going for a more closed center look, opt for a smaller frame)
  • 20-30 yards of 6-inch jute burlap ribbon (you can use a narrower width but your fluff will not be as full)
  • Floral wire
  • Wood initial or phrase cutout (optional). I had mine custom cut by a local Etsy seller Start@Home but you can also pick one up in a local craft store
  • Natural twine & needle large enough to thread twine
  • Paint (only for the wood initial or cutout)
  • Stem florals of your choice
  • Embellishments of your choice

If you are using a wood cutout for your wreath, start with painting/prepping thisIMG_3506 first.  That way it can be drying while you work on the burlap.  If needed, use a nail file or small piece of fine grit sandpaper to smooth the edges before applying paint.  In this example I’m using Dress Blues by Fairy Chalk Mother’s.  You may need more than one coat especially with a lighter color and after 1 coat begins to dry you will see the areas that absorbed more paint and need more attention.  If you plan to paint the back (I don’t) do 1 side and let dry before flipping it over.  In my workshops I had a few people paint the entire thing and then it’s hard to lay it down to dry so you can work on the burlap.  Another thing to be mindful of is to use very thin coats of paint. If you get the MDF cutout too heavy with paint, it can tear/bend/break.  Also, lighter coats of paint will help avoid drips and runs in the curves of the letters. Now get your first coat of paint on!

With that done and set aside, grab your wire wreath frame, a roll of burlap & the floral wire.  Cut a piece of floral wire about 3-4 inches long.  This is going to secure the end of the burlap to the frame.   You will do this for each end and beginning of a roll of burlap.  Now take the end of the roll of burlap and fold it in half and then half again.  With the back of the wire frame facing toward you, pull the burlap ribbon through the center of the wire frame and push the folded ends of the burlap between the inner wire ring and the 2nd wire ring through from the back of the wire frame to the front and then back through from the front to the back making a loop around one of the section dividers.  Thread the floral wire through the folded burlap ends and through the remaining burlap ribbon at the base where it is pushed between the wire rings.  Now twist tie this off and trim the ends.

Now that the start of your burlap is secured, you’re ready to build the “fluff”!  The next steps is by far the most tedious part of making this wreath.  To build the ruffles, you are going to twist the burlap ribbon, and push it through the back to the front in between each of the wire wreath dividers.  Start at the inner circle and work your way to the outer circle, and repeat starting at the inner circle to the outer circle.  A couple of things to caution, try not to make the twists too tight.  Doing so makes it really hard to “fluff” the loops after the wreath frame is full of twisted loops.  Also, try to keep your loops mostly even height on the front of the wreath.  I pulled my loops through about 2-3 inches tall all the way around.

Keep twisting and pushing loops through and as you come to the end of the burlap ribbon and need to start a new roll, you can just attach the ends with a piece of floral wire and continue twisting loops but keep the floral wire in the back of the wreath frame.

As you come to the wreath frame section dividers, just go around it twisting and pushing loops.


Seeing progress!


When you have filled the wreath frame with twisted loops, cut the end and secure it to the wreath frame the same way that you secured the start of the burlap ribbon.

It’s time to start fluffing the loops!  This step isn’t mandatory, but if you want your wreath to be full and all of the wire form hidden, it’s recommended.  Below you can see a picture of the difference it makes when it’s fluffed and when it isn’t.  Fluffing is accomplished by pulling the twisted loops in the front apart.


Partially fluffed:


When you are finished fluffing, it’s time to attach the florals and your initial or phrase cutout!  First, arrange the florals and initial or phrase without attaching it to decide how you want it to look.


Once satisfied, I used a hot glue gun for the florals and twine to sew the initial in to place.  When you are gluing the florals and embellishments into place, make sure that you are really pushing it into some burlap and squishing the glue into the weave.  This will ensure that everything stays on and is secure.  To attach the initial, I used a large upholstery needle and twine to “sew” it into place.  Pushing the needle through from the back to the front, around the initial and back down through the burlap, tying the ends off in the back.

When you have secured the initial on, your wreath is ready to display!  Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!  I would love to help you out!

For a tutorial on making the paper rosettes on this wreath, please click here.





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